VenaSeal is a type of medical glue used to collapse and seal off problematic veins. VenaSeal is the less invasive option in terms of treating varicose veins; however, it requires two visits rather than one.




The first visit will involve a procedure where a small 2mm incision is made, with a thin tube placed into the vein. A catheter is threaded through this tube and placed around 5cm from the groin. Under ultrasound guidance, a small amount of glue is administered along the course of the vein as the catheter is slowly removed. Once the vein is closed, blood will be immediately re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg. As this procedure only requires a small amount of local anaesthetic, you can walk out once it is complete and won’t be required to wear any stockings.


The second treatment will occur around three months after the first. This treatment will use injection sclerotherapy to tidy up remaining superficial veins visible to the eye. You will be able to walk out after this treatment; however, you might be required to wear compression stockings to maximise the result. Depending on how many veins you have, you may wish to repeat this treatment if need be.

Procedure Video


Please watch the video displayed adjacently to better understand the procedure. If you have any questions that are not answered here or on our FAQ page, please get in touch.