VenaSeal Glue for Varicose Veins

VenaSeal Glue for Varicose Veins

October 2018

One of the more recent treatment innovations for patients suffering from varicose veins is VenaSeal Glue.

VeanSeal Glue utilises a safe medical glue to permanently seal off diseased veins in the leg. To do so, a small catheter is placed in the leg, which is then used to deliver the glue to the targeted area under the guidance of an ultrasound.

A study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery found that the procedure was highly effective and safe after patients were followed up after 36 months. Rates of closure of varicose veins after 36 months remained at 94.7 percent. Once the vein has been glued, it becomes blocked and over time, is reabsorbed by your body without leaving any damage behind.

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