Injection Sclerotherapy


Injection sclerotherapy involves the injection of Aethoxysclerol, a substance that helps bind the walls of your veins together. Once the substance has been injected, your veins will generally undergo a three-phase process:


1. Immediately after the procedure, your veins will appear a little red and inflamed. This inflammation is what helps the vein walls bind together.

2. Veins will start to feel a little hard and lumpy.

3. Veins will start to dissolve.


The speed at which this process takes place is somewhat dependent on the individual. It can also appear to have made the veins a little worse for a short amount of time; however, for the best cosmetic results the whole process should be complete between 3 to 6 months.


Using injection sclerotherapy, we usually achieve:


• 70% improvement in cosmetic appearance.

• 80% success rate.


It is important to note that all problematic veins will return at some stage.


Injection sclerotherapy takes around 30 minutes to complete, and can be carried out at Doctor Cohen’s consulting room.


Compression stockings will need to be worn consistently for 2 days, then intermittently for 5 days thereafter. Walking is encouraged but strenuous exercise should be avoided for a week after the procedure.


One of the benefits of visiting a Vascular Surgeon for this procedure will be the provision of accurate and realistic information regarding risks and outcomes. During your consult, Doctor Cohen will provide you with more detail regarding this. One of the main risks is the staining of the skin from the iron pigment held within red blood cells. This can occur in 5% of people and can be permanent. It is important you read all of the information provided to you and discuss anything that may be of concern prior to your treatment.


What you see below are case studies of patients who have been treated using injection sclerotherapy.

Procedure Video


Please watch the video displayed adjacently to better understand the procedure. If you have any questions that are not answered here or on our FAQ page, please get in touch.

Injection Sclerotherapy Treatment

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