About Us

Welcome to The Vein Lab – your medical specialists in the treatment and management of veins.


At The Vein Lab, we take the management and treatment of veins seriously. Whether you have veins that cause you cosmetic concern, or veins that result in physical discomfort, there is a treatment option available to you. One of the things we pride ourselves on is ensuring each patient receives a highly tailored approach dependent on their individual situation.


Unlike other service providers in the vein market, The Vein Lab is owned and operated by a  a doctor who specialises specifically in the field of vein management – also known as a Vascular Surgeon. This level of expertise will ensure you receive a balanced approach, a selection of treatment alternatives, a sound understanding of the outcomes and associated risks, and absolute clinical excellence in the field of vein management


We offer a wide variety of treatment options including injection schlerotherapy, surface laser, VenaSeal Glue and radiofrequency ablation. Each option will be carefully evaluated along with non-interventional considerations before any decisions are made.


Many people will experience varying forms of problematic veins throughout the course of their life. The solution to managing such veins is identifying the cause of the problem, and applying the correct treatment and management approach to provide a realistic and safe outcome.


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Medical Specialists in Vein Management

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